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My dapper pup

Sometimes exercising with Rocky isn’t that effective- we both love horses too much.

Balou & Coco - :)

Jace is high on life.

Book Photo Challenge Day 7: Character Most Like Me

Mr. Darcy and I are very similar and we both are INTJs.

I had to borrow my sister’s book for the picture so I took a picture with her dog too.


Say hello to Bodie! We rescued him from a local organization five years ago. He and his 11 (!) siblings were driven down from Oregon in the back of a pickup truck. Those poor, 10 week old puppies were traveling for well over seven hours, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Bodie was a bit trepidatious of the car at first.
It was love at first sight for us and our silly little Border Collie/Australian Shepherd/Corgi boy. He’s one of those dogs that’s attached to us both, so he’s only happy when Charles and I are both with him. With that face, how could we keep him waiting for us too long, though? He’s definitely completed our family, and we’re so grateful for the heaping amounts of joy he brings us each day.

Emma on the beach