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Has nothing to do with working out but this little baby knows how to keep me on my toes.

Max is super happy to be at the lake today! #max #majesticbeast #summer #hawkeye #aussie #adventuretime #australianshepherd

#goodmorning Taking these little guys on an early #stroll. #australianshepherd

Ok my half, had to go home and let Hurley out for a few! He was excited to see me, as usual:) #whatwedoforourdogs #Aussie #Australianshepherd #puppy #ino #puppylove #adorable
Kai got a butt cut and I think I actually did a decent job for once haha

Mika would very much like to go to the dog park.

Oakley at 4 weeks😍❤️

Rigby is growing up so fast!